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Doodle Day - up and running

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

So, my weekly #doodleday went on a bit of a hiatus while I was (and am) finalising The Foxtale Creative website. But we're back again! I doodle and draw and scribble and muck around with concepts for fun in my (limited) spare time. Always have. The thing is - and this is how I've always wanted it - very few people see these. It scares me a bit to bring them to you. At the same time, I'm so excited to get this business off the ground. I’ve recently turned a few past doodles into usable project. I guess with this, I’m taking the leap to try and use some of what I've created for a purpose other than collecting dust... in a sketch book... in the depths of a bookshelf in my office! Here's the first one. This is my attempt at a few flower varieties. They were hand drawn with felt tip and digitised in Illustrator. Check out my Gallery and you'll see these very flowers, digitally painted and converted into a gorgeous Birth Details sign.

Hand drawn illustration by Fran Tullidge

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