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Foxtale is inspired by two things:​ love of an image that tells a story (obviously or otherwise) and has you staring at it for hours

...and my two little sidekicks (the first of which had a room full of fox-related things - mostly because I fell in love with them!)

...the woman behind The Foxtale Creative.


Hey, I'm Fran

I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and (in my limited spare time) an all-round creative dabbler. 

An Aussie at heart, I spent four wonderful years living in New Zealand and now call Vietnam home.



You'll generally find me travelling and exploring all that Saigon and beyond has to offer, which absolutely means enjoying amazing Vietnamese food. I have an equal love of wine, cheese, doodling, just about any type of music and all things crime-related (fact or fiction!)

I've always been a visual person. Lyrics to a song, words on a page, hearing about a new place... My head fills with vivid my own visual little world. So graphic design made sense for me. fact first career and love was Criminology. After University, I worked as a Police Emergency Communicator before becoming an Intelligence Analyst for the New Zealand Police - and absolutely loved it.

Now I'm lucky enough to move around the world and have found something I truly love that will move with me.


The Foxtale Creative was established in 2018 - here to tell your tale and give you the visual identity you crave.  Whether it's product packaging, your logo, an advertisement, an event, a book or record cover - your visual identity is what draws people in. It takes time, research, creativity and collaboration.

But who's to say it can't be a hell of a lot of fun along the way?

Got a question / query / or just want to say hi?

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