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Little Heart Cider


Little Heart is a custom-designed brand character for a yet-to-be-released cider product, targeting the female market. Her detailed backstory is woven through a few projects I was commissioned to complete.

An intriguing character, Little Heart is a space angel hailing from a low-tech, future universe. She communicates via an old, broken typewriter. Her people travel to save humanity from a society overrun by Artificial Intelligence.

She was hand-drawn and digitally painted. Scroll down to see some initial concept development sketches.

Selection of initial concept sketches

During the brand discovery it was emphasised that Little Heart needed to be strong and confident; hard-working but feminine. We played with the concept of the character wearing one space boot and one high-heel to add to the character's personality and intrigue.

The developed concept

Product label mockup

Fran is one talented star! She really gets it and has blown us away with her designs. Her vision for our very detailed brand story was captured in illustrations we fell in love with. Fran is dedicated and enthusiastic. She has the skills and the imagination and we wouldn't want anybody else.

Steve Symons, Little Heart Cider

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