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Computer Arts Magazine


These two alternative covers for Computer Arts Magazine celebrate the publication's 100th Anniversary. They each reflect an inspirational designer and their style - Neville Brody and Paul Rand, respectively. The project mock-up required research and interpretation of another's design style. The result is intricate application without replication.



Brody loved breaking design rules - distorting and manipulating traditional character shapes and splitting lines of text. He prioritised graphic interest over readability which made his audience look twice before digesting the intended message. 


This design embraces Brody's confidence to disregard all design trends and rules, creating something truly unique and visually interesting.

Neville Brody


Rand is associated with the Swiss style of graphic design, influenced by Sachplakat, 1900s German poster art. His style saw eye-catching lettering, flat colours and simplified objects.

This cover celebrates Rand's style and pays homage to his widely-recognised IBM logo.

Paul Rand

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