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Instant PA


This abstract interpretation of the bee was the chosen logo.

It meets the modern, chic requirements of the brief and utilises an abstract bee as representation of the company values. The three cones within each wing symbolise the three pillars of service for the business - work, home and play.

A Perth-based business, Instant PA offers personal assistant services for any need - work, home or play.

The team at Instant PA loved the concept behind the bee and all it represents - work ethic, dedication, patience and commitment. They requested a modern, chic, simple logo incorporating the bee without making them look like a honey company.

Sticking to the supplied aqua, grey and yellow colour palette, I experimented with literal and abstract concepts before we landed on this final design. 

See below for some initial concepts.

Here are a few alternative concepts.

Design work can be such a personal process, understanding the feel of something that represents a person, a brand and their dream. This is something Fran does incredibly well, getting a feel for a brand, the story and producing amazing work. The care, passion and dedication Fran takes when doing her design work makes it such an enjoyable experience.


Rachel Wilson, Director/Founder - Instant PA

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