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Little Heart Cider


This logo was developed while experimenting with product names as part of the Little Heart project.

The brand character - space angel Little Heart - communicates via an old, broken typewriter. Whenever the letter 'S' is typed, the typewriter prints  'Z'.

The logo is a nod to this element of the brand back story; and the vortex-like effect, a nod to the travel between parallel universes. A custom typewriter font was also created to accompany the brand package.

Custom, hand-drawn typewriter font to accompany the brand story.

Fran is one talented star! She really gets it and has blown us away with her designs. Her vision for our very detailed brand story was captured in illustrations we fell in love with. Fran is dedicated and enthusiastic. She has the skills and the imagination and we wouldn't want anybody else.

Steve Symons, Little Heart Cider

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